Taking the History of Software Testing beyond 2009


I have had some requests to take the History of Software Testing beyond the year 2009. After all, the craft of software testing has not stood still in recent years.

In the table below is a first draft of some of the events that I would like to add. This is list is probably by no means complete. Also, a certain amount (some will say a huge amount) of (selection) bias on my part is involved. As can be concluded from the list I lean toward context-driven testing, Agile and test automation. These are the things that I am familiar with.

This brings us to the topic of how to select which event should be in the history and which event should not be in the history. I have some selection criteria, but I think I violate each of these criteria over the whole of the history. Perhaps then this should be the starting point of a discussion on what we deem important enough to enscribe in our collective memory. Sometimes though, what we deem important is a highly individual opinion. It is therefore not probable that a study of history is 100% objective.

Also, it may be a fool’s errand to appraise at this moment what was important last year, or the year before that. It is a given that the importance of events will be seen in a completely different light 50 years from now.

In short, I am aware that my selection is not the ‘right’ selection, nor perhaps even a satisfactory selection.

I will write about some of selection criteria that I employ. For now, being aware of that fact that it could start a hellish debate, I sort of encourage you to post the most obvious things I forgot in the comments. I do not guarantee inclusion of anything, for the obvious reason that mediating discussions on what’s important and what’s not, is likely to be a full-time job. If you feel that a discussion is neccessary, do feel free to use the social media to start one.

[table id=1 /]


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