A Software Tester’s Bookstore


I think it can be said that I am known for keeping lists. There is a simple reason, I like to collect resources related to testing. Mostly I do this in the fine spirit of Umberto Eco’s Anti-Library (see Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan for reference), to be aware of what’s there and what’s not. And, in the fine spirit of Rumsfeldian epistemology, to be aware of the fact that I’m unaware of what’s there and what’s not.

Anyway, for a while I used Google Books to track suggestions for and references to books that came across my path. I reached a total of 100 books (which is nothing, compared to the 50,000 Eco is said to have in his library) and thought it might be nice to categorize this list and show it on my website. I believe most of the books in the list contain at least bits (as in portions) of valuable information for modern-day testing.

I placed the books in an Amazon bookstore and I link to a flat list below. The categorization contains faults and could have been done in many other ways. The category ‘Management’ could, for practical purposes, be split up into ‘People management’, ‘Project management’, ‘Risk management’, ‘Leadership’ etc… These categories in their turn open up a wide landscape of sub categorizations. For now, I use a relatively flat categorization, to prevent anyone from getting truly lost. And, as categorizations go, they can never be false.

Yes, books and categories (such as coaching) are missing. As always, additions are welcome.

Here is a link to the store.

And a link to the list (PDF, opens in new window).



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